Contact Us

Education Department:
773-275-5871 phone
773-275-5874 fax

Principal Investigators
Dr. Megan Bang (Ojibwe)- University of Washington- Seattle
Dr. Douglas Medin- Northwestern University

Program Coordinator:
Tevelee Gudino (Lakota/Chiricahua Apache)

Research Study Coordinators:
Lori Faber (Oneida)
Jasmine Gurneau (Oneida/Menominee)

Project Coordinators:
Dr. Ananda Marin (Choctaw)
Dr. Eli Suzukovich III (Little Shell Chippewa-Cree)

Science Facilitators:
David Bender (Standing Rock Sioux/ Bad River Chippewa)
Felicia Peters (Menominee/Santo Domingo Pueblo)
Fawn Pochel (Cree/Lakota)
Janie Pochel (Cree/Lakota)

Research Assistant:
June Thiele (Dena’Ina Athabascan/Yupik)


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