CAICC Community-wide Conference on March 28th!

American Indians throughout the Chicago area are invited to come and participate in a community-wide conference hosted by the Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative. The purpose of this conference is to report on the accomplishments and progress made since the initial community-wide conference in June of 2012. This event will also be devoted to updating the short-term and long-term goals regarding future growth and development as well as the needs, issues and aspirations of Chicago’s American Indian community.

American Indians participating in this gathering will engage in active dialogue and information sharing on various issues including arts and culture, education, economic development and other issues. The American Indian Center will serve as the conference site; however, sponsorship rests with all of the Native organizations listed below.

This endeavor is truly a collaborative undertaking and is expected to produce enormous benefits for the American Indian community, including: a more efficient and effective service delivery system, a broader vision for community change, and greater visibility in the City.

One-day pass bus cards will be given to the first 50 participants using public transportation*

Conference Location: American Indian Center
1630 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative (CAICC) is a network of seventeen organizations and programs dedicated to improving conditions for Native Americans in the Chicago area. The network is dedicated to the following purpose:

1) Establish a common vision and mission for the Chicago Native American community;
2) Develop a comprehensive service and development model for the urban setting;
3) Move towards collaborative community relationships internally and externally; and
4) Promote understanding and respect for our culture and communities including the social, economic and spiritual spheres.

Eventbrite - Chicago American Indian Community-wide Conference


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