AIC at the Ethnography in Education Research Forum

Dr. Bang and members from the AIC education department were invited by Indigenous scholar, Dr. Bryan Brayboy, to present at the 35th annual Ethnography in Education Research forum earlier this month. To prepare for the event, we looked at four digital stories created last spring by staff members around their personal relationships to land, and the land-based programming taking place in community. We noticed central themes that came up across all stories such as issues of identity, roles and responsibilities to family, community and nation, stories of resiliency and empowerment, migration stories, possible futures (brighter ones), etc. Through engaging in Indigenous knowledge systems in Chicago, we are reclaiming cultural traditional practices and languages in a Native urban setting. For more info on our presentation or to view the digital stories we analyzed, please use the same contact information below.Upcoming national conferences where AIC, NU, and UW-Seattle staff members will be presenting on behalf of Chicago Intertribal and Menominee communities!

  1. March 30-April 2 National Association for Research and Science Teaching in Pittsburg, PA
  2. April 3 Chicago Wilderness Conference presenting on Community based gardens and land restoration. Presenting along with Bronzeville Historical Society and Casa Michoaocan.
  3. April 3-7 American Education Research Association in Philadelphia, PA
  4. April 14-17 First Nations Development Institute and Oneida Nation 2nd annual Food Sovereignty Summit
  5. June 23-27 International Society of the Learning Sciences Conference in Boulder, CO
For more information about these events, or for a free copy of publications by NSF staff (only made possible by community participation and engagement in reclaiming our education for our future!!!!!), please call AIC to speak with a staff member or email Yaw^ko swakweku! (Thank you relatives!)

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