Sharing Stories, Sharing Knowledge

The past couple of months have been busy with presentations and conferences where staff at the American Indian Center (AIC) had a chance to share the work that they do and engage in interesting and inspiring conversations with several partners, colleagues and community members. Here is a recap of some of the events:

December 5th

Meet and Greet

The Executive director of the National Urban Indian Family Coalition (NUIFC) and the director of the Phoenix American Indian Center, visited AIC and met with their staff and board members. The gathering was held in Tribal Hall to exchange information and ideas for serving Native individuals and their families in urban environments, homelands of our Native relatives.

December 6th

UIC Heritage Day

This year’s event, hosted annually by the Native American Support Program (NASP) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, took place in the Student Center East building on campus. AIC’s research program staff led a workshop entitled, “Living in Relationships”, which included a fun, interactive activity, a picture slideshow of outdoor activities with youth and families, a “sticky wall” to post people’s thoughts on what it means to be living in relationships, and a 10-minute presentation on community based design research, followed by a group dialogue. During the luncheon, Heritage day participants enjoyed hearing from keynote speaker Ada Deer, a well-known and respected Menominee tribal member. Workshops took place throughout the day followed by a powwow in the evening.


December 7th 2013

3rd Annual Community Research Conference hosted by the American Indian Center, Inc.

In years past, AIC has hosted this gathering in Tribal Hall with presenters covering topics ranging from iconic Native figures, health and wellness issues, building community capacity, American Indian integration of baseball, Native art on Chicago, and community led research projects. The 2013 conference was no less engaging, featuring presenters covering programs sponsored by Title 7 and Kateri Center, Indian Health Services, and University of WI-Madison. Sixty people came out to support and network.

For more information about these events, or for a free copy of publications by NSF staff (only made possible by community participation and engagement in reclaiming our education for our future!), please call AIC to speak with a staff member or Yaw^ko swakweku! (Thank you relatives!)

Upcoming national conferences where AIC, NU, and UW-Seattle staff members will be presenting on our research programs!

  1. Feb 28-March 1; 35th Annual Ethnography in Education Research forum in Philadelphia, PA presenting on “Restorying relations to land in science education using digital arts: Chicago is Indigenous Land”
  2. April 3; Chicago Wilderness Conference presenting on Community based gardens and land restoration. Presenting along with Bronzeville Historical Society and Casa Michoaocan.
  3. April 3-7; American Education Research Association in Philadelphia, PA presenting on “Repatriating Indigenous Technologies in an Urban Indian Community” (2013)
  4. April 14-17; First Nations Development Institute and Oneida Nation 2nd annual Food Sovereignty Summit in Oneida, WIpresenting on Rebuilding relationships in Chicago/Shikaakwa with community, land, and wild foods
  5. April 30-May 2; National Association for Research and Science Teaching in Pittsburgh, PA presenting paper, “Land’s Structuring of Learning in Learning Environments and Family Contexts”
  6. June 23-27; International Society of the Learning Sciences Conference in Boulder, CO. Principal Investigator of NSF grants housed at AIC, Dr. Megan Bang, will be the keynote speaker.

For more information about the AIC’s publications and presentations, email


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